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                                   Eureka Vapor – Are Eureka Carts Good?

Eureka vapor is a California and Colorado based extract manufacturer. They gained their fame by producing top quality potent, natural and pure oils. Eureka vapor cart announced in 2017 that they’ve won best concentrate of the year from CANNA News. On top of that Eureka also have a huge selection of THC Oil Vapor Carts. We are taking a close look at both the Eureka cart and the syringe since the carts are more famous items but I found the syringe to be even slightly worth checking out.

Excellent Oil Quality For Eureka Vapor

Eureka vapor was very storing at 91 percent THC oil, and consistent throughout. To check, I got the full gram oil syringe and full gram cart. Both of them were extremely consistent from start to end. The Eureka cart had a little discoloration at the last, which occurs to mostly all carts.I utilized both syringe and Eureka cart over time in among other things, and the quality of oil never disappointed me over time. The flavor was extremely good for CO2 oil, much better than a few distillate carts and even some live resin carts I have tried. Eureka vape cart has gotten the CO2 extraction procedure down to a science.Some users might notice that CO2 extraction at some point leaves a strange flavor to the oil, but Eureka carts overcome it very well. The numbers of puffs provide this were remarkable on both cart and syringe. Thick oil, vapes slow, and moves slow. You would not be running through either the syringe or the Eureka cart right away. Eureka Vapor.

Cartridge Quality is great

The Eureka cart performed remarkably. I would rank it one of the best vapor cartridges out there. The hardware of the Eureka cart is exceptional and the design is very decent and smooth to vape. There is nothing to complain about Eureka cart build quality. Vapor’s carts are solid enough in build to beat any opponent. The glass body on the cart prevents liquid from sticking to the side.Eureka Vapor.

Eureka Syringes Slightly Better Filling

In terms of hardware, they also beat the cart. I found the syringe to be slightly efficient. If you consider the shipping expense, it is better to fill a blank with it rather than be happy with the premade product the brand provides you. I hit the vape syringe pretty fast since I had the best hardware rig assembled and the liquid effect come through very solid. Eureka vape cart uses straight OO2 oil, in its place live resin or distillate. The oil strength in both syringe and Eureka cart were outstanding but slightly better on the syringe.Eureka Vapor.

Are Eureka Carts good?

The price of 60 USD where the Eureka cartridge comes out, not a bad price for a 1g cart, pretty good, and considering it is very strong than your average cart, means decent value for the money. Knock off 10 USD for the syringe, and that is the finest bargain you’d ask for quality CO2 oil.This is where you can buy original and pesticide free Eureka carts so stress no more. While others don’t have access or are unlucky to purchase the original eureka carts, you’ll be enjoying it as you shop from us.Eureka Vapor.


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